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    "Robinson said that some universities prohibit students from being in the presence of others using drugs illegally. She said that the working group initially proposed that regulation, but decided after hearing feedback from students to change the policy to its current form. “You’re responsible for what happens in your room.” She added that organizational-level issues with allowing drug use could also result in an organizational response."

    So basically, if someone comes to me for help and is in my room under the influence of drugs, I get in trouble for helping them because they were in my room?

    "According to DormCon minutes, students also raised concerns to Kraft and Robinson that this aspect of the policy might unintentionally incentivize students to use drugs alone or in more dangerous ways. Grinberg told The Tech, “Any amount of drug use is safer with more people present and more people not using that drug present,” noting that it would be much easier for students to get help in such situations compared with using drugs alone."

    Between this and mandatory reporting for GRTs, we are losing some key support systems in residential life at MIT.  I’ll have a post up soon on the blogs with some more information.

    I don’t know, as far as mandatory reporting goes, I think it’s important for the GRTs to have to report. For example, earlier this summer, a guy hit me on my floor and the GRT didn’t tell anyone and it turned into a 3 month long shit show with S^3, the police, Title IX and others. The kid is now banned from all MIT affiliated living spaces. So like, I think it’s important in a lot of ways. This new drug-good-Samaritan-not-a-thing isn’t so good though. Mandatory reporting isn’t what a lot of people think it is. 

  2. deerkick:

    welcome to MIT

    free roller coaster on the corner

    we made sure it met code this time


  3. "I think that that test made me elderly."
    —  Interphase student after their first physics test at MIT. 

  5. Found a Thing That Brings Me Joy


    so i visited MIT the other night and there were sirens for an ambulance. well, it turns out the MIT kids figured out how to hook up iPods to the ambulance. so you hear sirens and then all of a sudden you hear “MOVE BITCH GET OUT THE WAY” blasting. 

    MIT kids are weird.

    I really really hope that this is real. 

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  6. Still one of my favorite student made videos

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  7. I am obsessed with this album. 

  8. I write a lot of poetry. The ones I feel like sharing can be found here. Last year I took a class by a guy, Bill Corbett. Bill is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. He’s this 73 year old poet from Boston/Brooklyn who wears polka dot socks. He taught at MIT up until this semester and I’ve taken 3 of his classes. Bill’s one of those people who seems to know everyone. Anyway, he asked me last fall if I’d be willing to team up with a graduate student in Boston University’s art program. Later that winter, I was paired up with Rob, a painter from North Carolina. I sent him a bunch of my poems and he created paintings, drawings and prints inspired by them. The purpose of the project was to make a book (to be interpreted loosely) — the final project for the grad students.  


  10. RE: My Feelings Right Now


    Being super hosed and having multiple long papers and projects and papers due in the same week on top of lectures, work at job_1 and work at job_2 and finally work at job_3.

    The class where even though we technically aren’t supposed to have any more assignments as of today as per Institute policy, we still have a paper due next week. And the assignment hasn’t been posted yet.

    How I feel regarding the philosophy paper I am currently writing:

    How I’m feeling about having “finished” the paper and am now faced with the process of editing it. 

    to be continued