1. sleepingmitstudents:

    "dem tourists doe."

    Look at this picture and you will understand why I complain about tourists. This is a study room in the library. Mob of obnoxious tourists. Yep. It gets worse, herds of tourists have come into lecture rooms MID-LECTURE and interupted class taking pictures and “oooing” and “awwing”. 

    Lol when my friends at other colleges talk about tourists being cute and taking photos next to famous towers or statues…. That’s cute. That’s cute.

  2. sleepingmitstudents:

    Sleeping Former MIT Students

    Just a world famous physicist sleeping in class. Happens to the best of us ^proof. nbd

  3. hippoplatypus:

    It’s not every day you see a photo of an MIT professor fitting an entire fist in his mouth.

    the MIT professor talent show— the year I went, Gilbert Strang did math problems for his act. Lol. 

  4. This is where I live. It is the most magical place in the world. 


  5. In other news read my article!


  6. Highlight Of My Day. Week? Year?

    So this shouldn’t top getting a phone call from Mr. Spock, however, Daniel Gillies is my biggest celebrity crush at the moment. So the jury is hung.

    I love his shows. I love his movies. He acknowledged my existence today. Woot. Writing for the MIT Tech certainly has perks. 

  7. workoutlivelove:



    Peeling Apples With Power Drill


    Greatest thing I’ve seen all day

    Would it surprise you to know that this happens at MIT? More specifically East Campus, my dorm? After living with these people for two years, I’ve learned to just not be surprised anymore. 

    (Source: dovga.com, via completelybackasswards)


  8. This happened in my philosophy class today.

    1. Professor Hagen of Philosophy at MIT: Do you think that God could have made it that 2 + 2 did not equal 5?
    2. Class: ...
    3. Professor: ...
    4. Professor: -facepalm-
    5. Professor: I mean, 4...
    6. Professor: I didn't take any math in college....

  10. OMG My Life

    I can’t handle it right now in the best way possible. I’m just waiting for the other foot to fall or something because whoa.

    To say that MIT opens doors for you is a vast understatement.  

    I had been tweeting at the producers, the actors, the director for this movie that I really liked and am writing about for my column about independent film in the Tech. 

    This morning, one of them replied to my tweet and set up an interview with the producer and I just got off the phone with him. Oh my god. 

    Things are too exciting. My adrenaline is too high and I have work to do. *excitements*